Reviewing Solo Build it Reviews

We’re reviewing all the reviews on the NET about Solo build it (formally “Site Build it”, and also known widely SBI).

SBI is a business bulding suite of tools with an implementation action guide, of how to use their tools and marketing techniques.  They have a high success rate based on a study which was done. They compared a close competitor called wealthy affiliates, of how many sites were successful. The results which were objective, and repeatable, concluded Solo Build it Sites were 33 times more likely to succeed. The most interesting part of the study was that the methodology was published.

It’s great how google is pushing for verified reviews for products. When there is money involved many affiliates can write fake reviews in order to earn affiliate commission, or write a review for one company and do a ‘bait and switch’.  This article is going to be listing reviews, and helping you discern which is real and which is fake. This article is really a stepping stone article to help with your own research on SBI.

We’ll link to the reviews here so you can read them,  with a few quotes to  highlight some good points. When reading the actual reviews you’ll see why they are in one of these ten categories. Each Solo Build it Review will fall into one of these ten categories.

1. Real Customers – these reviews are by actual customers who use the product, and provide value of what it i really like inside

2. Company Employees – Some reviews we’ve found from people who work at SiteSell (this is the company who owns site build it).

3. Former customers – Unhappy customers are part of every business, they can provide good points but sometimes they can be quite angry. Most of the time these types of reviews are quite negative.

4. NON-customers – these are people sometimes after affiliate commission, sometimes with a bone to grind, and sometimes just professional marketers with a big blog reviewing all sorts of things, to get more search traffic. Some reviews are thoughtful and thorough, some positive or negative to the product solo build it, while some are obviously for the affiliate commission. We will point out the useful ones.

5. Fake Reviews  – It’s actually very obvious when reading these reviews if you remember that they are bait and switch.  The people that run are concerned with affiliate commission, you can examine their website and notice that the nich is “make money online”.  There are many people with these types of websites but few authorities. You can look at their alexa rank quite easily to get a rough estimate of how popular the site is. (Put a website in the “ and cut and paste into your browser: They review one product, give it good / medium or bad report but whatever the recommendation they switch to a different product.

6. Comparison Reviews – these reviews (as long as they don’t fall into the fifith category of bait and switch, are review comparisons comparing Solo build it with other options.

7. Forum Discussions – forum discussions are always useful. In some of these discussions even the CEO of solo build it, Ken Evoy, chips in.

8. Video Reviews – Video reviews are just that … reviews posted on youtube or the like.

9. Social Networks – all reviews on facebook, twitter, pinterest that pop up, will be posted in this section.

10. Pointless Reviews – these reviews just describe the features, they are often quite weak and even if a customer is writing them they don’t give information of really what the product is like. Just a content synopsis or a lazy reviewer, even if they have product the product, they just didn’t write about their experiences or add value to potential buyers considering the product. So we put them at the bottom as they are pretty useless … best just to go to solo build it product homepage.

So let’s go through each category for solo build it / site build it reviews.

1. Real Solo Build it Reviews by Real Customers

These reviews are really the most helpful. Each one gives an insight into who the product (SBI), as changed their life. They include facts and stats and offer a much better inside perspective than just the “salesy” “what SBI is about” lazy reviews.

Let me start by saying there is definitely a difference between building a web site and building a profitable web site. And there is a difference between building a profitable website and building a profitable business.Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way. I wasted a lot of time and hard-earned money on get-rich-quick schemes only to find out later how wrong I was

Anybody can get web site hosting for $3.95 and build a website, but will it be a profitable internet business or simply a website with some bells and whistles?

Read Full Review:

Site Build It Helps you Increase Self Esteem and Discover Your Area of Significance.

This is an interesting point because this is an area where SBI excells, if you know nothing then SBI will tell you how to get your knowledge on the web an market it well. It’s hard for soloprenears or new online business builders to break into the top websites…. i remember when i first got my first adsense click, i was thrilled. Not just because i earnt my first few cense because i realized it is POSSIBLE to earn money online. I thought if i could get one click… i can get more!

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Other Reviews (honest review giving some disadvantages) (old review)


2. Real Solo Build it Reviews by those employed in the company (freelance consultant for SBI)

Number 1 on google (as of June 2017) for the term “solo build it review” is the CMO of the company Mike Allton, he wrote a review on his blog, the social media hat. Just because he is one of the head honcho’s of SBI, doesn’t make his review not useful … it’s long and interesting to hear a insiders perspective.  Allton is a very knowledgable marketer, especially in the area of social media where he has several books, he has a great marketing philosophy and his recommendation for SBI is a powerful one for the company.

Read Full Review:

3. Real SBI Reviews by former customers

4. Real Solo Build it Reviews by NON-customers (Fishing for comments) (well respected) (sitesell’s official response)

5. Fake bait and switch Reviews for Affiliate Commission (comment on this one)

6. Solo Build it Comparison Reviews

7. Solo Build it Forum Discussions

8. Solo build it Video Reviews

9. Reviews on Social Networks

10. Sales Reviews of Product content

Like i mentioned these one don’t really offer any value, they may be real customers but they are just listing features which you can fine on sales page.

Some are useful however if they are from an actual customer because you can browse the site. I’ll make a note if the website is made by SBI or not.

Technical Sidepoint: (I can find this out easily by looking at where the name servers of the website are pointed too, i’ll use domaintools to find out this, the SBI nameservers are

So basically … these reviews don’t really offer real value. They are very salesy and not helpful with just content synopsis. Best to go to Sitesell (solo build it) homepage here, and read about the tools and what’s in the solo build it package from the horses mouth … than waste time reading the following reviews.

Solo Build it customers salesy pointless reviews

Marketing guru’s salesy pointless reviews (maybe something to say) (showing the paths)